Motto and Creed

Aspire to Inspire: Help one another walk a path of purpose & Assist each other towards greatness, one step at a time, because there's strength in unity.©


HATT is a community organization whose mission is to assist individuals with limited resources to learn methods that will help them overcome barriers and realize their full potential through personal development and linking them to resources.

Our History

Since 2010, HATT, Corporation (Helping And Teaching Together) has assisted approximately: 3800 children with toys, coats, shoes, clothing and education supplies; 922.8 families with resources such as food and referrals; and countless individuals get connected to training, education, employment, housing, and other resources in the Greater Philadephia area, and about 500 children, individuals and families in the state of Delaware (until 2014). Internationally, we've assisted with the building of a school in Haiti.

A grassroots non profit, HATT's holistic approach targets underserved communities and its members. Over the years, we've provided support services, workshops, afterschool programs, summer camps, community cleanups and events, and advocacy services. Some services would not have been possible if we did not have contributions, collaborations/partnerships from local businesses, educational institutions, organizations, and officials.

We believe the strength within any individual, child, family or community lies within. If we offer: education that inspires new ways of thinking, tools that brings awareness to options, compassion, accountability that comes from support, and access to real opportunities, it could help tap into the greatness within that lead to countless possibilities. This is true for those we serve and true for Every employee, corporate wide!

School in Haiti (2017)

Families learning about Harriet Tubman with Historian Re-enactor, Dr. Daisy Century during the "We Family" event. (2015)