Thank You

We'd like to thank those who have supported us over the years (i.e. partners, sponsors, volunteers). Unity, collaboration, caring, giving, hope, and inspiration are qualities we are able to demonstrate and offer to those we serve. Here's a glimpse of what we were able to accomplish because of your support.

Holiday Event (2010)

Holiday Event (2012)

School Supply give away (2015) for youth sports teams

Community Resource event with Zion AME Church (2016)

Family Resource and "Back 2 School" event (2016)

Breakfast Fundraiser (2012). Our events were accidentally scheduled the same day. We worked together and helped one another!

60th Street Clean-up Project (2017)

Block & Alleyways cleanup (2016)

Wrap up of "Block Camp" (2016) with MFuge.

Holiday event, 2015, at Millcreek Playground.

Face painting room, McCreesh Playground, Health and Wellness event (2017)

Rebuild Community 2014. (See more photos below)

CEO's neices volunteering and participating. (2014)

It's a family affair! Founder/CEO's mother and nephew volunteering during a community resource event (2015)

Founder/CEO multi tasking during one of our annual ('til 2017) Rebuild the Community Day events, sorting childeren's clothing, delegating tasks to volunteers, organizing employment and resource packets, and giving someone directions on the phone. (2014)

Labrea Faulkner, acquaintance, photographer and owner of Labrea Studios, volunteering her time and services during a community event. (2015)

Representative Waters Rebuild Event (2014). We had to cancel due to severe rain, but he still showed up.

Harris School of Business attending rained out event. The vendors stayed 4 hours networking and having fun! The sun came out about an hour after ending the event.

Painting and organizing McCreesh Playground. We were able to get two bookcases and about 100 books donated to the playground after the clean-up project. (2015)

Holiday Event-McCreesh Playground