Meet Our Founder/CEO and Our Vice President/Executive Assistant Director

From our Founder & CEO

During the many trials in my life, I felt worthless, hopeless, lonely, depressed and stressed. I’ve experienced multiple types of abuse, lost everything (including my faith), and have been to jail. I was emotionally drained and spiritually bankrupt, even tried suicide. After a while, all of the pain I felt turned into anger and rage and I wanted to do is cause physical harm to others. I wanted to turn it off, but did not know how!

Bieng full of rage, naive and desperate, opened many doors for me to be taken advantage of in various ways. It took years to learn that the world was not bubble gum and lolipops. Meaning that just because I believed and loved GOD with all my heart, had good intentions towards others, was intelligent, desired to help, and had drive, did not automatically mean others would treat me well, that only the best would come my way, or life would be easy breezy.

Looking back, I can say that when I thought I was alone or didn't know how I was going to make it through, God was right there. I realized that each one of those painful experiences helped me gain the self-respect, character, faith, strength, joy, peace of mind, patience, determination, courage and the people I needed to pursue my purpose. And now, I have my own corporation (Who would've thought). Your past does not define who you are nor does it determine your future. Everything you need dwells within you. You just have to see it.

Be encouraged!

Altonya Sheppard, Founder/CEO/Executive Director


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